every night,
i always think about this damn problem :(

i remember about that day, january 4th 2011
the day when i broke up with him.
when he told me that he has his own way to forget me,
he want to obviate me, i felt like my whole world was fell down.

after couple hours i thought about that,
finally i decided to follow his way, obviate him too.

i always remember what i've said to him.
"ok, from now on, i'll try to obviate you, as you wish. i'm sorry if I was always selfish. thank you for your kindness and your attention to me. take care :')"
i cried.

he said that he couldn't obviate me for now.
ooh damn, i felt like my whole world come back again to me, just for me!

i don't know, i can't imagine,
when someday he will obviate me,
maybe i will be a marionette, be silent, do nothing, just shed tears.


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  1. hey cheersup! i know you can face it all. i believe that youve done your best!